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ISTE 23 - Global Collaboration Playground, Philadelphia - June 28, 9am – 11am.

For more than four decades, the ISTE Conference has been recognised as one of the world's most influential education events. It's where educators and education leaders gather to engage in hands-on learning, share best practices and hear from the brightest minds from the world of education and beyond.


Sustainable Development Goals fit perfectly in education. With the SDG deadline fast approaching, it's time to empower our students to be the change makers they were born to be. 


Playgrounds are a combination of informative talks, combined with break-out sessions and activity rooms to allow exposure to different technologies in quick succession and to learn some quick tips and tricks.


This playground is designed to bring light to educators from around the world, with a focus on the SDGs. Since the SDGs affect us all, the idea is to create a space for educators to share how they incorporate SDGs and the ISTE Student Standards into their classrooms.

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