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UK Design Challenge 2024 @Bett 24, London

Last year was our inaugural challenge and due to its overwhelming success, our friends at Bett invited us back to host the finals in the main arena on day 1 of the Bett Show on 24th January 2024.


We are excited to announce that Canva is partnering with us to inspire our students to push boundaries in their creativity when finalising their ground breaking ideas


Work in groups of 2 - 5, develop your skills to critically think, collaborate, be creative, and then communicate your idea in a 3-minute pitch video.

SDG3 - Good Health & Well-being

Can you develop an idea to promote healthier eating in your school?


SDG4 - Quality Education

Can you develop an idea that uses ‘Ai’ to enhance education in schools in the UK?


SDG5 - Gender Equality

Can you develop a sport or activity encouraging all genders to participate and feel included?


SDG11 - Sustainable Cities and Communities

Can you redesign a space in your school to be more sustainable and environmentally friendly?


SDG12 - Responsible Consumption and Production

Can you develop a campaign that helps reduce the waste produced in your school?


SDG13 - Climate Action

Can you develop a campaign to inspire more students in your school to take action?


Find out more about the SDGs at

The Journey So Far


 SESSION 1 - Challenge Overview and Research 


This session is all about welcoming our school community to learn more about our mission to drive change, as well as introduce the 6 SDG challenges this year, and ways to start the process using research questions.


Key Questions


1, Who are you, and what is your team name and mission?


2, What are the SDGs? What challenge did you choose and why?


3, What key facts did you find out about your SDG?


4, What are other people, and companies doing to help?

Click here to watch session 1.

 SESSION 2 - Specification and Ideas 


This session is all about students using their collaboration and creative skills to specify and generate ideas for the challenge.


Key Questions


1, What type of idea do you want to create?


2, What are the things/features your ideas should have?


3, Can you describe your ideas using sentences and drawings?

Check out the video below to watch session 2.

 SESSION 3 - Final Idea 


This session is all about students using their collaboration and creative skills to select, develop and finalise their idea for the challenge. This session was hosted live from Cheam Park Farm Primary Academy, a LEO Academy Trust school.


Key Questions


1, What's your best idea?


2, What is the potential impact of your final idea?

Check out the video below to watch session 3.

 SESSION 3 - Pitch Video 


 This session is all about students showcasing their critical thinking, collaboration, creative, and communication skills by creating a 3-minute pitch to illustrate their journey and final idea for the challenge. 

Key Questions


1. How are you going to share your challenge journey in 3 minutes?


2. How is everyone in the group going to be represented?





1, The competition is expanding to 6 challenges, 50 schools, and approximately 1000 students.


2, A virtual launch event via Zoom will be hosted on Tuesday 12th September from 12.15 - 1.00 (register below to receive an invite), where we will be welcoming all our schools to the challenge and kicking things off with our first session - Challenge Overview and Research.


3, A number of sessions will be hosted via Zoom to support students and teachers on their challenge journey.


Session 2 (Tuesday, September 26th) - Specification & Initial Ideas


Session 3 (Tuesday, October 10th)- Final Idea


Session 4 (Tuesday, November 7th)- Pitch Video


Session 5 (Tuesday, November 28th) - Final Submission Support Session


Final Pitch Video Submission Deadline - Midday, Friday 1st December. Finalists will be announced by midday 12th December.

3. All updates and resources will be added to 


Please click the link below to register your school.

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