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Change the world

Working with schools and forward-thinking companies who believe that the smallest idea can make a big difference to our world. 

In 2015 the UN introduced the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - 17 goals to help tackle some of the world's greatest issues such as poverty, sustainability and climate change. In collaboration with like-minded partners, Design4SDGs promotes big thinking and innovative ideas on a larger scale to provide new, and promote existing, solutions for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Find out how the Design4SDGs started by watching the video below.

We inspire communities to use their creativity to generate solutions for regional, national and global issues.

We create inspiring virtual and in-person events to generate and share new ideas for change.

We work with partners to create projects that inspire communities to use their ideas to make a difference.

We are welcoming you to join us in our mission to create change.

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