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In 2015 the United Nations introduced the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals - 17 goals to help tackle some of the world's greatest issues such as poverty, sustainability and climate change. A year later, Evo Hannan, a design educator teaching in Dubai, introduced a range of projects to his students to inspire them to think big and innovate to help create solutions for the SDGs. This later became known as Design4SDGs. 

By using our collective creativity, we believe we can build a better world for future generations. Design4SDGs is now promoting big thinking and innovative ideas on a larger scale to generate new, dynamic solutions for the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.


We inspire you to create change using your ideas.

We began our journey by launching a design challenge for UK schools aimed at increasing the awareness of the SDGs. The challenge focussed on critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and communication, with the finals being hosted live at Bett on 31st March 2023.

Continuing our journey, we are now working on projects relating to curriculum design and implementation. This is designed to inspire students in primary and secondary education to develop solutions for local, regional and national problems by using the 4 key skills above.

Design4SDGs has now become a movement that inspires positive change, with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the heart of what we do.

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